Monday, August 9, 2010

Pancakes for Dinner All By Myself

Tonight, I pay tribute to one of my favorite movie/book characters of all time, Bridget Jones. Yes, ma'am. This evening, I could have reenacted the opening credits to Bridget Jones' Diary: bottle of wine, lounging on the couch watching sitcom reruns and no missed phone calls or messages . If you have not seen either Bridget Jones' movie, do yourself a favor and rent them asap. If you need something more convincing aside from Hugh Grant and Collin Firth, click here. Ladies, don't tell me you haven't had one of these moments before.

Stewart is out of town on business, and right around the 48-hour mark, I get antsy. I'm a social person, so there's only so many conversations I want to have with myself after work ; ) Fortunately, I have family and friends to keep me occupied; but this evening was exceptionally quiet.

Here are the top five signs that I know I'm bored:

1 - I made breakfast food for dinner. I love having breakfast for dinner, although it's a rare occasion. In general, I'm not a routine breakfast eater in the mornings, but just say the words "brunch" and "mimosas" and I'm there. So, I made blueberry buckwheat pancakes, topped with strawberries, granola and maple syrup. De-lish! I used a pre-packaged buckwheat pancake mix and simply added the fruit and granola as items I already had around the kitchen.

2 - I watched the Teen Choice Awards. All two hours of it. Including the Justin Bieber performance (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.) WHY?! I'm not sure I can even justify this one.

3 - I did two loads of laundry. This may not seem like a big deal. But when it comes to routine chores around the house, Stewart is the champion of our washer and dryer. I love a man who does the laundry. I'll clean toilets all day if it means I don't have to wash clothes.

4 - I am ready for bed by 10 pm. This is probably a good thing.

5 - Celine Dion is today's beat. If you clicked on the link above, you will see where my inspiration came from for the song "All By Myself". A few words on Celine Dion. I've seen this woman in concert two times during the height of her career, and she is absolutely amazing. Watching her perform is like listening to her album. She hits every note, and it's pitch perfect.

So next time you're having a night all by yourself, try breakfast for dinner.


Cri said...

"You have. No. New. Messages."

Did you save me some pancakes? That looks delicious! I had breakfast for dinner too... an omelette. :)

Beattie said...

Breakfast for dinner! I haven't seen you do that since college :)