Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Hudson and Elfo's

Last night we ate dinner at Elfo's for my mom's birthday. We sat at a table for 5 towards the back of the restaurant, with a window view. We ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for the table, and I started out with Miss Mary's Salad. It's one of Grisanti's signature salads with their house vinaigrette. I chose the eggplant Napoleon for my entree, and it was the best dish at the table. My mom had the second best with the chicken Parmesan. Beautifully plated, the eggplant was lightly dusted in bread crumbs and served on top of angel hair pasta with pomodoro tomato sauce, zucchini and mozzarella cheese. Muah! It was so light, until I finished the entire plate of food and realized how full I was. But I couldn't resist the raspberry cheesecake at the end when my Dad ordered one for us to split. Overall, it was a most appetizing meal, and the company was second to none with my family there.

So that brings us to Friday! And as much as I would love to show off and tell you that I'm slaving away in the kitchen over a big meal for dinner, this is far from reality. No cooking for this lady. Stewart and I are going to our friend Bridget's art show in mid-town, and I'm looking forward to the night out. My little diddy of the day is from an awesome British artist, Mr. Hudson. His song "Supernova" features Kanye West, and it has a great beat to get you geared up for the weekend.


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