Friday, May 14, 2010

Sushi and Bryan Adams Concert

The concert last night was perfectly simple and simply perfect! One of the best I have been to in my life thus far, and I have a feeling it will remain in the top 5. There was a guitar. There was a piano. That was the band. Bryan and his pianist Gary played to the cheers of the crowd for an amazing two hours of entertainment. The stage was bare except for his microphone stand and the gorgeous grand piano. Having played the piano since I was 5, I was just as mesmerized by Gary's talent as I was Bryan's. The two of them were a true compliment to one another; and they kind of looked alike too.

The spotlights on stage were old movie set lights, with big square lenses, and the backdrop was raw. Just the exposed wall with no decorations. I also have to give kudos to the Germantown suburbanites and those of us Memphians who were in attendance. We were a great live audience! We gave standing ovations after every other song, clapped our hands to the beat every chance we got, and sang every chorus in tune. We had box seats up in the balcony, stage right. Well worth the money. My only complaint was the camera Nazi of an usher that sat next to me. But little did she know, if I want a picture of Bryan Adams then I'm going to get a picture of Bryan Adams. Booya! All joking aside, his performance was brilliant, and the acoustics at the Germantown Performing Arts Center were outstanding. The sound of his voice bounced off the walls with such clarity. I recorded one of the songs he sang, "Do I Have to Say the Words", and just listening to it now seems as if I'm back at the live event.

But what's a night out without a great meal to start things off right? You know I couldn't neglect to show you the sushi from Sakura! I got the spicy tuna roll and the shrimp tempura roll. My friend got the smoked salmon roll, the dynamite roll and the Saki roll. All of them were devoured in a total of 20 minutes. We don't play around with our food; we mean business and come prepared to throw down some seriously good sushi. Somewhat surprisingly, Sakura only serves beer and Saki. I was hoping for a glass of red wine because I'm not sure how well beer goes with raw fish...and I didn't care to find out. But this meal never disappoints.

This afternoon I'm off to Dallas, TX! It's going to be a wonderful weekend full of delicious eats and good beats. I don't plan on wearing anything exceptionally tight fitting for the very reason that I want to give my tummy room to expand when she gets overzealous at dinner each night.

This morning I'm channeling the words to Little Texas' "God Bless Texas". Check out the mullets on these guys in the video. Business in the front; party in the back baby! I feel like Dallas should adopt the slogan "Go big, or go home". My friend, Holly, has sent me an email full of links to restaurants, bars and shopping options for this weekend; and there is so much to do! I am really excited to wine and dine myself in the Lone Star State.

Wishing you good eats and beats this weekend!

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